We offer a complete spectrum of green building services for contractors, architects and building managers. Our goal is to help organizations to design, build and operate facilities that achieve optimum sustainability and LEED certification.

Testing, Adjusting, Balancing

Testing is the use of specialized and calibrated instruments to measure temperature, pressures, rotational speeds, electrical characteristics, velocities, and air + water quantities for an evaluation of equipment and system performance.

Adjusting is the final setting of balancing devices such as dampers and valves, adjusting fan speeds and pump impeller sizes, in addition to automatic control devices such as thermostats and pressure controllers to achieve maximum specified system performance and efficiency during normal operation.

Balancing is the methodical regulation of system fluid flows through the use of acceptable procedures to achieve the desired or specified airflow and water flow.

LEED Certification

E3 Group has LEED Certified experts that help organizations design, build, and operate facilities to achieve maximum savings and environmental benefits. LEED is a certification program that denotes how “green,” or compliant in terms of energy conservation, water usage, air quality, and building materials, a building is over the course of its construction and thereafter.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is a tool design teams can utilize to understand the impact various green building strategies have with respect to energy consumption. It determines the “gas mileage” of the building before it is built.

Energy Auditing

The goal of an energy audit is to reduce the utility bills of an existing building. This is achieved by operating the mechanical systems in accordance with the actual building operation. Correct ongoing maintenance and building documentation is required to continue to save energy throughout the building’s life-cycle.

ENERGY STAR™ Documentation

Confirmation by a registered Professional Engineer that an existing building exceeds the energy performance of 75% of similar buildings, while maintaining correct ventilation rates, sufficient lighting levels and optimal thermal comfort.

Green Building Education

The path towards sustainability begins with education. Three levels of educational offerings include green building core concepts, LEED rating system specific and LEED implementation.

Sustainability Planning

To promote the Triple Bottom Line — Social Responsibility + Environmental Stewardship + Economic Prosperity — companies can reduce energy consumption, improve indoor environmental quality, and promote prosperity through strategic company-wide sustainability planning.


The commissioning process verifies the building’s mechanical systems meet the owner’s project requirements. The goals of commissioning include reduced energy consumption, better building documentation, and improved occupant productivity.

MBE/WBE Material and Equipment Provider

E3 Group is an established material and equipment provider. This allows contractors and building owners to meet the needs of MBE/WBE involvement. E3 Group focuses on providing MEP material for commercial buildings.

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